Borgo del Naviglio 4 43121 Parma | Tianjin
project image
HNA E-Field Retail Park
The idea behind the project, i.e. a commercial area whose structure is based on a strictly introverted logic, places the inner road at the top of the hierarchy of spaces, primarily as a space which is crossed not only along the direction of its linear development but also (and especially) transversally. Formally, the design concept takes shape in an extremely essential approach on the exterior fa├žades and in a careful study of proportions of the inner roads and of the spaces overlooking them via the balconies. A refined floor plan design results in a road which is not only a means of connection but also a series of spaces and stages of a non-linear path and a sequence of sensitive spaces giving value to the sales function through architecture. The phase 1 of the project is under construction and will be completed within 2016.