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Radical Island_The new Ibiza
Ibiza - invited
BLOOP 4th International Proactive Art Festival, Ibiza, 20 July-24 August 2014 During BLOOP FESTIVAL will be made a movable installation, The New Ibiza, an island for a single person by now running toward a New Ibiza, wanting to bring with him the original spirit. Will move by road and sea collecting stories and will have base on exhibition space of Sa Punta D’Es Moli, where it will host a visual catalogue of radical island in history. The Protected Reserve of Spirit of Ibiza, is an online map, huge archive of georeferenced stories, that shows the struggle between the original radicalism of the island and the progressive exploitation of its spirit by an economic point of view, with a strong resulting distortion of its original characters. It’s structured like a completely open map without moderation or filter. The materiali is divided in Original Elements and Contemporary Threats, then structured into three categories: Video, Images a