Italy_Via Bessarione #32_20100 Milan
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Ubiquitous Tribe
Milano - invited
Sala delle colonne, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano, 4 July - 30 September 2015_ Ubiquitous Tribe uses the “Sala delle Colonne” as a temporary research laboratory and the artists in residency as unaware performers during the 3 month project curated by Progetto Citta Ideale. The new Homo Faber continuosly inhabits a Fab Lab of the scrap, between real and virtual, no more penned in a physical space, but ubiquitous. As in the Turbinenfabrik by Behrens, the space of the Sala delle Colonne will be transformed in a sacred space, a celebrative temple of the new paradigm. In Ubiquitous Tribe, starting from a series of basic and modular elements, decontextualised from the classic environment of use, the artist will be able to shape autonomously their work space.