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Imago Channel
Activating the Real by the injection of Fiction.....In summer 2015 for 3 months an entire TV channel staff, with its own directors, camera-men, editors, TV hosts, special guests, exits from the dark boxes and secluded spaces of regular TV studios and takes over the open spaces of the city. This weird move surely recalled to us a lot of forms of nouvelle vague into the moving pictures industries, in which the camera tries to get closer and closer to reality: the gallery of example is wide it ranges from the russian “man with the movie camera” the mechanical eye of Vertov in 1929, Italian Neorealism, or the French legacy of Godard or Truffaut, up to the Danish DOGMA-ensemble of the Nineties. Channel Imago is infiltrating and occupying public space because it is available. And it’s doing so convinced that even the sheer act of observation, of a witnessing presence, is able to modify reality.