Via Mura F. Comandini 2
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Dancing around Ghosts
Venice Biennale
This is a story about neglect. Neglect as a form of abandonment and as a form of distraction. MiMa is a touristic city in pure state: an industrial machine for the production of leisure. It is the stage for a periodic danse macabre where the city dances around its own ghosts. Aperitivo-Street Bars, Beach Parties and Night clubs, the danse, are flourishing around an ever-thinning urban environment, Ghosts. MiMa is a concentration of hollow built mass that coexists with highly congested open spaces, a modern day “panem et circenses”, enchanting and distracting the masses from the current state of decline. The city of ghosts and the city of outdoor congestion are staging their coexistence in a seasonal danse macabre, taking place every new late spring. Through the creation of a layered diorama, similar in composition to a digital theater, now the two cities are brought together for simultaneous perception.