Via Mura F. Comandini 2
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At home in Markt-Platz
Neustadt am Kulm - shortlisted
People of Neustadt have often placed benches in their tiny front-yards. Given the small size of the community of Neustadt, we believe that the MarktPlatz has to be the perfect platform for the life of the village, meeting and social encounters among its inhabitants. The project of the new square, introducing the small scale, focuses on extending that sense of domesticity, typical of the private space of the home, in order to animate the shared space of the square. the magic carpet will become a sequence of scenes, an enfilade of outdoor rooms: each of them will be sized to the surrounding urban fabric, each of them defined by a peculiar surface treatment, by a diverse vegetation and a balanced palette of furniture. It's a finely tuned system of small differences and details, that can produce a wide range of specific atmospheres.