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WWW= Water Wood Wiener neustadt
Wiener Neustadt - first prize
The competition brief was calling for ideas on the future programming and usage in a 10 years time from present, of a critical landfill site, located in the outskirts of the austrian town of Wiener Neustadt. The guidelines and the phasing of recovery will aim to fabricate a new identity for the site that could attract new economic interests, while creating completely new opportunities for the territory. Particularly, the WWW project seeks to attract 1) Research: focused on conceptual experimentation and on developing innovative techniques; 2) Investments: targeting sustainable and forth-looking best practices for production; 3) Public: in the form of tourists and visitors interested in the natural uniqueness of the site. PHASE 1 RE-NATURALIZATION; PHASE 2 AQUA-CULTURE & PRODUCTION; PHASE 3 TOURISM & KNOWLEDGE