Via Roma, 50 - 01037 Ronciglione (VT)
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PlayGraph_Playful environment for a symbiotic city
PlayGraph is a playground that reproduce the graphic showing the increase of world temperature in the last 160 years (sources: IPCC). The path ends with a slideway that represents the possible required reduction of global temperature. The path represents metaphorically human challenges in facing climate changes and find a way to save the planet. The first part of the playground in an uphill path, by climbing over it people can understand their own fatigue comparing to the effort of Planet Earth in facing the climate crisis. PlayGraph contains a low-cost algal photobioreactor that absorbs urban inputs activating two different loops: C02 absorption to release oxygen in the air; garden water puryfication to spread out new vital nutrients for the ground. Instead of impose to nature an artificial order, the adaptive playground fits between the existing spaces, generating new ecosystemic loops.