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Non Là
Hanoi - finalist
By 2030 Hanoi will become one of the 20 most inhabited cities of the world, a densification that will bring its inhabitants to join those of the nearby to a total of 11 million. The outcome of this urban process is the transformation of its districts. Hoan Kiem has reached 4,300 buildings occupying in many cases the 100% of their plot. The public space has become a negotiation between the flows of goods and people who consider the street part of their home environment. The city has to answer the everyone’s need of "stay" in a common space, whereas now it is a place "without pause". The facades’ transformation create a visual confusion which, together with the acustic one derived by the traffic noise, ends up weakening the strong historic identity. A project by U67. Collaborator: Marco Gambaré and Margherita Borroni