Badstuegade 11st 8000 Aarhus C
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A place where the Islamic culture could be intertwined with the site-specificity of Reykjavik and of Icelandic architecture as the bigger frame. The building itself is a medium of learning about the historical process of the mosque’s typologies considering the Islamic Architecture an important part of the deep culture of Islam. The volume itself is conceived to recall the Icelandic Landscape and it is composed of two main parts: a flat simple and solide volume that works as a solid mass and where the local Black Basalt is employed as cladding that hosts all the common areas and the research areas; on top of this the worship is a volume where the geometry of the facades is shaped with several vaults that remind to the picks of the vulcanuos landscape. Collaborators: Pierluigi Bardi and Francesca Piraino