via Toniolo 17 - 31100 Treviso
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Spresiano (Tv)
Ghaus is a block house built with a “X-Lam” bearing structure, made by fir wooden panels and wooden fiber insulation. Wood defines both interiors and facades, cladded by larch boards. It is an affordable house at low power consumption. Wood is used as an expressive material, both innovative and founded into the rural character of site. The building is north-south oriented, the best exposure to climate of site. The two main facades are different, because of their exposure: the northern one has few small windows; in the southern facade large windows and brises-soleil controle the sun lighting and allow a beautiful view. The roof bends out from the perimeter in different ways: the protrusion is minimal in the northern side and deep in the southern side: here a sort of porch facing the living protects the interiors from sunlight.