Treviso - Italy
project image
(with Nicola Sutto) The installation reflects on the discovery of low-maintenance hardy plants, which gives the play of light and color contrasts. The plants chosen are perennials and ornamental grasses, selected for the shape and the color of foliage; to emphasize that these plants can attract the eyes with the beauty of reflections, the play of lights they possess. Stipa tenuissima, Miscanthus sinesis are perfect to reflect the light, with stems and leaves. Affect the strong contrasts created by the purple hues of Heuchera with glaucous foliage Festuca. The sinuous path defines the structure of the garden, making the space between the high grasses, it crosses three "rooms" where the perennials of reduced height, expand the space perceived. The trail does make the visitor feel different depending on whether you tread the narrow vegetated stretch or you arrive at the center of the wider area where the path widens hosting a sitting.