Treviso - Italy
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Moriago della Battaglia TV
The banks of the Piave river becomes, in 1918, scene of the most significant battle of the Great War. This place will be called Island of the Dead to commemorate the many soldiers dead. In this context, history, memory, river and natural environment strongly intertwined. The challenge of the project is to assume an evolution of its current of the Island of the Dead that welcomes also the continuing dynamism of the river, its banks and change its gravel bed. The park-memorial recalls the rhetorical language and monumentality, characterized by a rigid system with large boulevards and the reforestation of the area with conifers: improper by ecologically. Every effort is made to prevent the changing nature of the river to erode the monument. The project strategy instead seeks to support this mutability, through the selective elimination of incongruous trees, and reading through the vegetation of the variability of the riparian zone.