Treviso - Italy
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ARCO - selected
(with Nicola Sutto) The landscape design is based on the recovery of the signs of Roman centuria that have shaped the territory. The diagonal axis running through the coffee shop and leads to the tower, is a path that quickly connects this two points and capture the perpendicular flows to the river Sarca. The bands change gradually permeability and type of planting, through the succession of vineyards, gardens and woods. The itinerary rediscover the relationship with the river. The outlook tower stands as a landmark for the south entrance of the town of Arco, in connection with the nearby highway and the Rocca of the city with which it interacts. This exhibition space is the head of a series of urban places that are renewing between the old town and new city. The landscape of the Upper Garda mountains, and the impressive cliff of the castle of Arco are indispensable reference.