Treviso - Italy
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MESTRE - mentioned
(with Sarah Amari, Marco Smerghetto, Nicola Sutto) The new public space reflect the presence of the multi-ethnic urban landscape of Mestre, the choice of using exotic plants for the ethnobotanist garden, highlights the diverse backgrounds of the residents of Mestre, characterizing the identity of this project. The railway track, the road and the docks represents the palimpsest of signs to preserve and reinterpret. The challenge of the project is recycle the soil, almost completely paved, through the vegetal reconquest and the urban regeneration of the hardscape. A part of the area most close to the buildings housing, is transformed into a community garden. The cultivation of vegetables (being contaminated soil) takes place in boxes raised, using the old rails. A place where the residents of different ethnic groups can identify and where to plant different vegetable species coming from their native lands.