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New water landscapes
(with V.Amadio, R.Barone, A.Cavedon, L.Francescato, J.De Maio, G.Paramento, A.Parcianello) The project develops a proposal for Brescia mining district, that after its disposal will be involved in an environmental redevelopment program. It defines a new model for the construction of a metropolitan park, designed not as a separate entity defined within the administrative boundaries, but as a set of built spaces, defined in their different components, free to adapt and evolve naturally. The large size of the park and the complexity of the site transformation will inevitably start a long term program. It's necessary therefore to involve all the stakeholders to integrate different needs and opportunities. The park is conceived as a resilient infrastructure, flexible enough to allow changes over time to respond to unforeseen events. A public space in evolution, based on rain- and underground water management and depuration.