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Water wefts
LISBON Portugal
(with Luisa Pili and Milena Savoia) The project develop Belém water wefts, as a solution to its hydrogeological problem, designing a series of hydraulic routes that reconnect the area monuments and green areas. The environmental performance analysis highlighted the high flooding risk of the river front due to the high speed of the rain water accumulation downstream. The project distribute the waters that run along the main axes along permeable paths parallel to the coastline and infiltrate or accumulate them in tanks, to reduce the load downstream. From the hydrogeological problem resolution, the water wefts aim to connect a series of cross paths, defining micro public spaces (squares and viewpoints) that connect as a diffuse park the museum system and the historic gardens. These spaces correspond to the intersection nodes between the museum connection system (transverse to the coast) and the residential connection system (longitudinal)