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Transit[in]garden - EUROPAN 2013
(with Cristina Bellini, Lara Bissi, Michele Casamenti, Anna Contati, Caterina Micucci) Transit[in]Garden aims to redefine new centralities and morphologies in the city of Kristinehamn. The new park is the opportunity to involve the project site to its urban context. The goal is to strengthen the existing functions and to create new development dynamics. Transit(in)Garden is a machine for generating new potential scenarios for the city, carrying out the functions of an infrastructure. The park takes shape from the river, becoming a transiting element from the city to the water, along which is possible be involve recreational, cultural and sport experiences, emphasizing the goal to create a functional system that becomes the public space generating element. The river becomes the center and heart of this system: a large Water Square that deepens the connections with the existing city, re-establishing new urban rhythms and polarity.