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20.000 leagues above the skies - Ortinparco 2010
LEVICO parco delle terme - second prize
(with Giuseppe Passuello) Hanging gardens prototype, constituted of four helium inflated balloons that supports a Tillandsiae garden, inspired by the amazing adaptation possibilities of these plants and by the easy installation and transfer of the balloons. Tillandsiae are plants without roots nor a stable link with the earth, that live anywhere suspended and that can autonomously procure water and minerals through their leaves and the bacterias that find refuge in them. Immune to pollution, they can absorb carcinogenic products from hydrocarbons combustion. As possible air pollutants bio-detectors, they can be used to contribute to air purification. The balloons can be moved to other destinations, to stimulate other people imagination of to improve the appearance and air quality of other cities.