Torstraße 173 - 10115 Berlin
project image
Olivia (with A. Minto)
Mexico city - finalist
Olivia is a temporary and multiple uses laboratory. She’s so seductive that everyone wants to interact with her. Different activities can take a place inside and outside her round wall: workshops, informal lectures, debates, theatre pieces and more. Her shape creates a promenade offering a tube-game, a performance’s point, a picnic carpet, a bench, a drinking area and at the end if you don’t want to enter you can take the stairs and jump on the ‘roof’. Olivia’s roof is not only a space for the audience of concert and presentation, but it’s a space for everybody. It’s transparent. A string net and a waterproof polyethylene sheet compose it. The net can be used for lying, sitting, jumping, thinking and speaking. The polyethylene sheet is waterproofing, it saves life and it lets light passing. A hole permits natural ventilation. Thanks to her inclination Olivia doesn’t represent completely closed space but it opens towards the archive.