Via della Marrana 94, 00181 Rome (Italy)
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MAXXI, Rome (IT) - finalist
A border is an architectural element which defines and provides the measurement for the space it contains. In the project hypothesis the wall double itself creating a strip: the walls bend and inflate to create places where to stop, and terraces which look both inside and outside of the museum. The route cuts across the museum square, proceeds up and then back down in the “garden room” created by this route itself. This is an intimate place. Its measures and consistency set it apart from the surfaces of the museum, as the space returns to a human dimension. The yellow promenade defines the borders of the lot and creates a sort of fortress which dominates the sorroundings. A side from its defensive function, the promenade serves as a panoramic viewpoint. The emptyness created by the surrounding wall is filled with the introduction of a grass carpet, allowing for the exchange from a garden urban element to nature. Realized with AK0