Via della Marrana 94, 00181 Rome (Italy)
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Dakar - mentioned
The project is inspired by a movie set that can be fit together everywhere in a short time. A Surface, composed by 145 square panels held together by special knuckle joints that allows a 360° rotation of each of the elements, ripples and droops for determining a 5500 m3 space that, once folded, shrinks to 78 m3, transportable on a trailer truck. The panels are composed by a wooden frame and two woody layers, made of recycled axes of disused piraguas, typical Senegalese boats, retrieved and assembled in collaboration with local craftsmen. The top layer of the panel contains the pieces needed in order to put together the furniture. Once the furniture is set, the colored zones of the auditorium’s seating area become visible. A coverage of hanging kapok wires hovers above the floor, illuminated by the LED stripes located all along the perimeter. Whole building shines as if it was a star in the dark of the night.