Via Filippo Civinini 69 Roma 00197
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Otricoli, Umbria
Ocriculum is one of the most important archaeological area located in Otricoli (Umbria). The amphitheater was built with a Roman building technique called "opus reticulatum", which consists of tufo blocks disposed in diagonal lines to form an elegant reticle. In the first phase of the project is ideally drew the regular grid of the opus reticulatum on the intervention area and traced a path that follows this geometry. Along this route are positioned benches, electrowelded cages covered with vegetation (refere to the beasts’s cages), vegetation’s borders and engraved travertine slabs with phrases and anecdotes about the place and its history. The shape and arrangement of the various elements evoke a maze that guides the visitor to the entrance of the amphitheater. The corridors of the auditorium, in part still legible are highlighted with the vegetation.