Via Resuttana n.219 Palermo
project image
progetto parco della memoria di pizzolungo
Erice - first prize
The monument is like a wound inflicted on the land that makes people stop and think. The project is generated by the desire to remember the massacre imagining the permanence of three wounds in the ground with a trail connecting the existing memorial stele, land and sea. A space of silence punctuated by the sea breeze and views to the sea framed by glimpses of red steel corroded flooded by black smoke of the lava stone is surrounded by the greenery of wild plants. A simple image that makes the memory alive even through a thermal effect of heat of materials under the sun with the effect on visitors as the feeling of entering into something that just happened. "The effect of plastic items from the low level of way create a relationship of identity with the Sicilian landscape of mountains, seem to present any piece of rock until always. project compet. G.Lucentini (principal arch.) with Arch. M.Calà, and M.Ziino landscape development Lg=mC.