Cernobbio (CO)
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The Garden of the veils
Cernobbio (CO) - selected
The project, reflecting on the theme proposed by the institution for the 2014 edition, the sense of smell, presents a system of different spatial situations, that will allow to offer the visitors a memorable experience. The project site is organised around two different elements: cylindrical structures covered in veils and circular containers covered in wood, with different sizes. The veiled cylinders on the one hand define space in the vertical direction, still allowing a see through experience, on the other hand they contain trees known for their fragrance, places to stay or chat and finally a place to relax in the evening around a brazier surrounded by scented shrubs in corten planters. The cylindrical structures are thought as lightweight and movable elements, useful to protect fragile and exotic specimen from winter frost. The round containers, intentionally minimal, are inspired by commonly used wooden sieves and host collecti