Via Agostino Petrillo, 89. Casapesenna (CE) 81030
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Europan 12
The project is part of an urban setting with a high social character. The close correlation with the park La Sagrera present in the western part places the area of intervention in a key position and strategic compared to the multitude of streams that are concentrated near the site. The park becomes a central element in the project, because its linear structure connects in the south, with the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona city center, while in the northern part extends into the Trinitat Vella Park being extended down to the banks of the river Besòs. To the east and south-east of the lot there is a large industrial area, which, in an urban context in which they are not identifiable details and relevant architectural features, results to be, in our opinion, the only system with well-defined characteristics and recognizable. In fact, in an attempt to create a connection to urban and architectural relationship with this area, the tracks