Parma|b.go guazzo 27
project image
The project is designed as a porous architectural system which engage with the earlier building. The parasite has different formal and spatial features in comparison to the old architecture, but is closely dependent from it: the micro architecture project gives a new relevance to the old building and becomes the new source for a reciprocal valorization. This method is similar than what Andrea Palladio used into the project of Ragione Palace in Vicenza: he wrapped around the structure of Domenico da Venezia two orders of loggias in order to give a new contemporary image to the building. Result is a current architecture full of quotes and historical references which become an element for the redevelopment of this important area. The new shell look like a monumental and heavy monolith: it's a garnished block which rests on big lowered arches that design the vaults of the arcade.