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G.R.O.W. in Santa Giulia
Santa Giulia (MI) - mentioned
Glocal, Relationship, hOrtus, Web are active part of a medicine for sick Santa Giulia neighborhood. We conceived a radical and brave operation, up to standard of this shred of Milan, that tries to draw the line of a new way to live our contemporaneity. Grow is a method that would stitch up the sprain between city and nature, it would propose a future vision of a new man whereby found his position, with his work, in the world balanced between earth and sky. The aim of the project is to create a new social citizenship based on the ancient concept of time. Here, the time is conceived like opportunity: this time is very important to grow his and surrounding lives. The citizen is farmer and, at the same time seed, that grows through natural cycle and through relational process. After the seeding is evidence that the next step is to put down roots inside the neighborhood and take care of it.