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San Cassiano (LE) - first prize
LOVO is a space. A warm-hearted space. A safe space. A rediscovered space. LOVO is also a dimension, but it has no geometry. Egg’s formula was designed by none geometry. Is used “π” to calculate circle and sphere, but there is no reconciliation for the perfect form of life. (Erri De Luca) LOVO is an immeasurable dimension which human being recovers life regressing to the embryonic stage, commune with the nature. LOVO is the cosmic egg which represent an ovule, an uterus, an alcove, a shelter. Therefore the project “born” for the purpose of rebuild an archetypal and emotional spatiality in which man and woman can wear out their origin in shelter against the outside world. So while the two bodies get mixed up in the act of love, even the origins and nature of Puglia dilute themselves in an ancient ploy. In this sense the Paduli park play a role of protagonist.