via melzo 28 milano
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MEXICO CITY - second prize
WITH FRANCESCO LIBRIZZI. A long frame lies in the middle of the garden. It separates the green in two parts. One closer to the exhisting building brings on the contact with previous activities. The second area is a new private place surronded by leaves. A pavilion in the garden wich plays the role of a scenic backgorund and a stage. Something between a ninpheum and a ballroom. Beyound the treshold a paved area defines the borders of a new surface and brings artificial colour over the green. An architectonical field traces the limits between artificial and natural and allow outdoor technical activities. Overhead a soft roof fixes the vertical limit and adds new borders in defining the space. As a curtain it filters natural light over the new surfaces and protects from the rain. Furniture is spread all over natural and artificial fields, disposable for multiple layouts.