via Roma 14, 38068 Rovereto, Trento
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Fireworks Pergola
Ponte de Lima - selected
The garden represents the main element of all celebrations: Fireworks. Upon entering the space of the garden, the visitor will have the feeling of walking into a firework of greenery. In addition to its formal concept of reference, the project is a new interpretation of the contemporary “Pergola”; The Pergola is a place to rest in intimacy and privacy on a hot summer day amidst the shade of vegetation. The shape of the garden represents three fireworks in which each strand is the basis for the structure on which the plant elements grow. The structure is formed by metal arches on which small glass balls are inserted to create a colourful play of light and reflection. Thanks to these colourful elements, even during seasons when vegetation is less dense, the project will have its own character that identifies with the initial idea. The iron structures are the guiding elements for the climbing plants that grow on and around it.