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15th Century Villa Renovation
Altivole (TV) - special prize
The purpose of the project is to recreate the volume of the original complex through the construction of a new architecture and to evoke the grandeur of the queen's country residence. What remains of Barco, a body of the building is 110 meters long. Beneath the cover a path of wooden planks runs through the archaeological traces in some sections enclosed by glass cases and corten and leads the visitor to the remains of a large hydraulic device that fed a fish pond revisited the project with a large tub of ' water. Where there are the five towers on the perimeter of the walls were inserted spiral staircases that suggest the location that had these vertical elements and allow access to small lookout. An "artificial" hedge, also designed with Blanc's patent , alongside the cover and acts as the closure towards the outside. The new green wall stops at the fishpond, leaving a glimpse of the outline of the hills of Asolo.