via Nazareth, Padova
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Ibrio - Fondazione Pomodoro
Milan - selected
Selected Work, “Premio Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro” International sculpture competition Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation – Milano. published in Zuccaro Marchi L., Ibrio. In II Edizione Premio Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro Concorso Internazionale per giovani scultori – exhibition catalogue, e Fondazione Pomodoro, Milano, 2008, pp. 82-83 Ibrio comprises an oar placed in a typical "rowlock" of an ordinary gondola. But the variation of one dimension (the length of the oar - 10 meters) and the transfer of both the oar and the rowlock out of their real context create a different relationship, new forces of gravity, new equilibrium. Variation of length, variation of weight, the shift from a rowing motion to a static, unequal-Ibrio one, ...make the two woods physically unsited to stying motionless in a museum, forgetting the reason for their own shapes. 10 meters wood Oar in dis-equilibrium, Fondazione Pomodoro, 2008