via Nazareth, Padova
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Milan - selected
Project designed during Bachelor course and later re-elaborated and re-designed, selected for "2010 best 40 under 40 european architects". with expert: Ivica Covic. The design study for a Contemporary Art Museum feutures stylistic minimalism, permeably with the outside environment, and attention to visitors` visual experience. On the outside the museum looks like half-a-cube with an entrance cut into it on the north side in the shape of a trncated pyramid. This splaying effect creates an anti-perspective internal view, which means that visitors in the lobby cannot see the architectural mass of the museum separating it from outside nature: in this way the structure holding the works of art disappears from the view of people inside, at the same time drawing surrounding nature inside the premises. At night-time, in contrast, this aperture turns into a powerful and highly visible light source. The building is also corroded by an impluvium.