project image
2013 | Demanio Marittimo km278 - Built
Marzocca - Senigallia (IT) - first prize
The project aims to transform the beach and its space, conceiving the original place as the main design material. From that, just one stage element is added: a bunch of wooden posts fixed on the ground, in order to generate a maze composed by vertical elements. Before the intervention, the beach is an isotropic space, whose sense can be immediately perceived. The project arranges a system of voids, that defines a non-homogeneous space, including the street, the beach and the sea. By suggesting a usual image –beach umbrellas standing on the sand- GNOMONE redefines the beach as a limit-space in the contemporary urban landscape: open, free and in continuous mutation. Stages are frames whose goal are both the landscape and the architectural proposal, making this double landscape virtue explicit. More possibilities concern the use of this maze: wooden posts work as a common infrastructure, inviting people to feel free to use the space.