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Urban Project Castelverde - Master Thesis
Rome (IT)
The research is concerned about the landscape conditions of one of the most problematic peripheral areas of Rome, made out from spontaneous self-constructed buildings, without following any trace of a coherent urban organization plan. It’s a place with a desperate need for a ‘landscape’ project: a proposal that may engage the everyday dimensions of urban living, focusing on those ‘obvious’ and 'trite' landscapes, where most of the lives of ordinary citizens take place. The first step of the analysis was to decode the place’s ‘palimpsest’, revealing interesting connections (first unreadable but then suddenly glaring), between an apparently ‘illogical’ urban area and its territory. The proposal’s strategy is not to restore a reality that has almost disappeared but rather to move forward using substitution and the re-definition of shapes, in order to create a new landscape plan, able to structure this kind of city and its development.