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2014 | Festival des architectures vives
The court transforms the space inside a building. Given its own definition, it is an outdoor area surrounded by solid volumes, consequently adjusting our sensorial perception. Furthermore, the court, as a typology, defines the quality of a building’s inner space. Therefore, adding an object with a specific material condition to the court would mean to modify the sense of the space once more; cropping the sky-square above our heads, sculpting the light and giving a new scent to the court’s area. It means to insert a new ‘insulating layer’ between the city and the interior. These actions add a considerable level of complexity to the act of discovering the court, as a such inner environment becomes the outer space of the grafted core. While submerging into the court’s area, we feel the space is ‘squeezed’; our movement is altered as shadows claim the light’s place. This process creates a new space, an in-between space, the “entre-deux".