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Madrid, San Cristobal
In november 2013, Basurama, a spanish collective from madrid, invited the Collectif Etc to work on one of their main project : "Autobarrios", in Madrid. It's a 3 year project, taking place under a massive bridge, at the entrance to San Cristobal district. Their project aims to stimulate people' collective psyche, and their capacity to rethink their daily lives and their environment. They found a lot of recycled materials, from old project and from the construction site of the new Herzog and Demeuron project in Madrid. During two weeks, we designed and built with inhabitants 80 triangular wooden prototypes from recycled materials, with 15 various dimensions. Everybody was invited to create is own prototype. Then we put all prototypes together in order to create two main installations with various uses : table, chair, bench, sloap, hammocks, dance floor, stage…