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Made in Vitrolles
Vitrolles center town
«Made In Vitrolles» was a cultural and urban project, belonging to a global strategy at the scale of the whole city during the European Culture Capital of «Marseille-Provence 2013». One of its aim was to change the image of the city by transforming public space and involving inhabitants and technical municipal departments. «Made in Vitrolles» was aiming at building a long term transformation process made of short term urban tactics to create collective appropriation and progressively a real convivial central area in the city. First, we occupied the main square «Place de Provence», then we implemented different dynamics in the other public spaces around. We shared this project with 3 french collectives : Exyzt, Bellastock and Saprophytes. In front of the bus station, at the entrance of the «Centre Urbain» we made a wooden carousel revealing different urban surroundings. It was also a comfortable place to wait the bus.