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2014 | Ombre d'Artista - To be built
Salerno (IT) - second prize
What does "making shadow in a mediterranean historical city center" mean? Our starting point takes into account the historical city's tissue: Salerno's palaces, churches and monumental buildings already place their shadows over the city. Instead of changing this time-generated figures over these shaded places, GNOMONE proposes to redefine visitors' perceptual dimension. The shading of ancient squares is designed by a texture of amaranth ribbons, using a new surface to redefine the void of the existing open spaces. Under the sunlight, shadows draw an image on the soil; a system of lines converging to a light room. As we approach, shadows intensify as ribbons get closer. The ribbons get down until they reach the ground, defining a threshold. By walking further through it, people find themselves inside a light room with just a small 'slice' of shadow. This space frames the sky and makes the surrounding square disappear.