Cernobbio (CO)
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Renewal and improvement of San Ambrogio Square
Vanzaghello - third prize
The proposed project aims to generate a pedestrian environment integrated with the village network of public spaces, this is possible through the optimisation of vehicle circulation, with a low impact intervention. Most of the public space, now lower than the street level, is redesigned to offer a flat and more permeable plan. The main circulation road, running along the perimeter, is shifted to the centre, thus generating “two squares”, connected at the same level: one in front of the parish church, the other around the porches, as a complementary space for commercial businesses. The chosen paving material is porphyry cubes, laid in different ways to underline the main axis generating the design. Street furniture, simple and functional, is made of concrete seats and a fountain - bike rack. The suggested planting consists of rows of Lombardy poplars (Poulus Nigra Italica) a classic of the regional agricultural landscape.