Cernobbio (CO)
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Ortinparco 2013 | Ortogiro
Levico Terme (TN) - selected
The project on the one hand is inspired by the layout of a labyrinth, a traditional formal element found in historical Italian gardens, on the other hand looks at the concept of “synergistic vegetable garden” to draw inspiration for the planting scheme. The available space is organised around three circular raised beds, fenced along the perimeter and with two accesses.The mounds of soil, with different heights, are covered and mulched with hay. Companion planting will grant a better and healthier crop, not to mention the possibility to keep the soil fertile.To add height, the vegetable garden also features three fruit trees and a system of trellis for productive climbing edibles.Trees and vegetables varieties are hardy and tough. The latter were chosen to be “in season” during the event.