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ESTIA la stanza del focolare
Senerchia (AV)
In the village of Senerchia, within the ruins, you can now find an incubator generating its own "energy". The goal of our project was to create and convey social cohesion by offering a new concept of "making architecture". A new image of living is created by adding a new urban fabric to the old one, which was cut into pieces by the earthquake of 1980. Standing on top of the ruins of the earthquake, this new place was not built to commemorate, nor to celebrate the disaster of 1980. It is rather the proud acceptance of what has been lost and the enthusiam of discovering what future awaits us. The ruins and the new construction come together and embody the ethic and moral commitment of living which is represented by human frailty and its extraordinary ability to regenerate itself. An architecture capable of transforming violence just as violence was able to transform what was existing. /MADE IN SELFCONSTRUCTION: