Via Ludovico da Terni 12a, 00176 Roma
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Pop up device - Eme3
Eme3 festival, Barcelona - selected
Pop up device The project is a common object, the door, that can be used at the same time as an exhibition device and as a tool for an anomalous use of the space. This module is composed by a wooden frame on which two doors are fixed. Through its opening the visitors will access to the informations kept in it. The aim is to overcome the visitor’s habitual passive practice, and to transform it in a direct and active experience. In addition to the exhibition content, fixed in the inner sides of the doors, the module contains a pop-up system, consisting in customizable folding structures. Once opened, it declares different ways to live the space. Thus the door becomes the gate that connects and blends two different realities, indoor and outdoor spaces, which represents our approach to the theme of common urban space.