Via Pesaro 6, Roma
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Points of view
Designing a bridge between the Crescent and the Meadows is not only a circulation issue, but it is about linking the city with the nature. For this reason, the bridge aims to be more than an infrastructure: designed as a public space, it will be a new resource for the local community and a destination in itself. The bridge is conceived as a passage from the city to the nature through a sequence of spaces: along the way the deck widens to create three seating areas. The first, on the Crescent, invites passer-by to stop, to enjoy panoramic view of the Meadows and, eventually, to enter the bridge. The second is a piazza floating on the water, a place to inhabit and linger between urban and natural environments. The latter serves as a foyer to the site, where pedestrians and cyclists could stop and get prepared to start their trip into the Meadows.