spaghetti space  
The installation is composed of: - principal and secondary structure in fireproof treated wood; - metallic structure for the positioning of the panels in PIR (expanded extruded polistirene e.g. polypan) - 30 sq. m of black coloured panels in polypan previously perforated (1 hole/sq. cm) - 230 kg of spaghetti to be inserted in the holes of the polypan - 42 low-light consumption points - 17 m coloured neon light - 2 seats in expanded polyurethane (high density) dressed with fireproof fabric - 1 flat screen connected to a computer - 4 fencing-lights in iron (L- and C-section), each one m 4.4 - 1 black mat of sisal, sq. m 6.5 - 2 black curtains, fireproof  
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