EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 24 of 195  
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Neza Mekota (SLOVENIA), Andreja Zavrsnik (SLOVENIA), Taja Sever (SLOVENIA)
Everyville is a landscape. Or so it seems at the first glance-imagine a magnificent extensive green oasis with animals grazing on pastureland, wide spreading lakes with their own special flora and fauna and vast forests. After all, nature has always been an inspiration to all great achievements of mankind.
Everyville is this landscape. Underneath the surface lies a city, with 50.000 inhabitants. Beneath the seven hills a large complex with residential spaces, offices, malls, cultural and educational institutions is placed. On some places these urban structures perforate the ground above them and by doing so daylight fills the undergroud and allows people to traverse from urban to natural surroundings. Another source of light are the vast lakes, spreading over the underground city, with glass bottoms.
Metropolitan and rural life are devided, but they can support each other fully and so their coexistance is exceedingly important.
Architecture is not the answer, arcadia is.