EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 97 of 195  
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Nikola Marincic (SERBIA), Petar Bojovic (SERBIA)
spacebook: profile - everyville

The Citizen of Everyville, Gary Talk, persuaded one morning by his on-line chat friends, became a member of the global virtual group Football Club Everyville. They booked the table for three in their favorite restaurant, and some time later Gary approved the spring carnival track, which was to process along his street. He also found out that the group initiation, he was a member of “curators with no limits”, to build up a temporary pavilion on the roof of the city museum was rejected due to the reconstruction works on the roof, already arranged for that period. He was offered a location nearby, at the corner of H and Z. He shut down his spacebook and set off for work…

Spacebook is a computer program, as well as a virtual control mechanism which enables global communication, creation of an indefinite number of global virtual communities and allows direct influence on physical space their members live in.