EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 34 of 195  
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The Innovative Fluid Public Space project, by W3_Urbanism, envisions defining the concept of ‘public-space’ by engaging both the traditional and modern perceptions of space. Along the Thames River , W3_Urbanism creates a scheme for a physical environment rooted within a virtual information network. An operating Virtual Spatial-Design, in the Fluid Public Space, promotes electronic environments which stem from theories within media space. W3_Urbanism’s combination between existing physical place and network virtual space creates nodes of access to the virtual world beyond the confines of a private space.
W3_Urbanism’s plan of a 13 city(London, Rotterdam, Paris, Venice, New York, L.A....etc,) deployment imagines a landscape in which the World Wide Web connects real-time information and experiences through the space. Along the river edge, users encounter 4 distinguishing urban interactive technologies which include Hyper-surface, Telematics, Tele-sound, and Tele-Communication.