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Lilli Kirsten (GERMANY)
Now┬┤s Ark

- is that large that it offers the space for everybody of every generation in everyville at the same time, meaning min.1qm/person.
With informal community meetings it creates a strong sense of belonging to this community, alike in soccer arenas or at villages┬┤parties or like on the main Piazza of every Italian town where everybody walks on Sundays to see&to be seen and where teenagers meet all evenings.

- has its main meeting place on deck, thus the Piazza here is on the roof of everyvilles center: 50.000people on one level higher than the surrounding.
Its view onto&above own everyville offers orientation,thus identification with the very own place&position in the world.
Its wide open feeling connects far further beyond this place,matching the original purpose&definition of everyville as outskirt of the city.
It also enables belonging to this specific island in the world,sensing its protecting borders alike being home.

->integrates everyone for common survival.